Hey there!
I'm Niamh :)
I have absolutely nothing interesting to say so I apologize for wasting your time making you read this but I do hope you have a lovely day c:

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when people reblog ur selfie


(via damnaustralians)

Anonymous: Hey Sometimes i get so nerved up and anxious about exams(tests) i study but I think I should maybe study more But i am now on holidays and want to spend time with my family what should I do??

Find the right balance. Exams can be hella stressful but if you put in a solid couple of hours a day that’s more then enough whilst still leaving you plenty of times to spend with family :) exams are important to a certain extent. Ya doing well in them is great but taking time for you to make sure you don’t stress too much is just as important :) 

Anonymous: You put a smile on my face