Hey there!
I'm Niamh :)
I have absolutely nothing interesting to say so I apologize for wasting your time making you read this but I do hope you have a lovely day c:

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Anonymous: Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?

lets not go there

theycallmelarn: Teal😊

ooOoHhh!! we have stuff in common! you’ve definitely made some wise life choices along the way then!

Anonymous: I was having sex with my boyfriend and we realized the condom broke after he came... What should I do ?

Depending on how long ago that happened the morning after pill is a good option! Not too sure if its only Ireland that they like to make those things really difficult and hella awkward and uncomfortable to get but its always the best option when that kinda stuff happens :) if it happened a while back try not to stress too much until you know anything for certain and remember there’s always a million options for those situations no matter which way they pan out :) 

infinityroses: Purple x


Anonymous: Fuschia :)

You want to be internet friends. I want to be internet friends. Therefore I think were officially internet friends now :D 

Anonymous: What do you think of the arctic monkeys?

I really really like the Arctic Monkeys but they’re one of those bands that I can’t listen to at any time I have to be in one of ‘those’ moods!! 

Anonymous: hey u left out some stuff on your '5 nice things' list! 1 you are a very kind person, 2 very compassionate and understanding,3 u cheer up ur followers :), 4 u give good advice, and 5 u have an awesome blog :)

oh wow :o that list has actual nice things on it >.< ilysm 

pink-rosyness: FUCHSIA

I think that can be arranged ^.^ *internet besties has been initiated*

coffeeimagery: Purple, purple, purple.

so much purpleyness ^.^ 

Anonymous: I see you get a lot of asks and a lot of people come to you for advice, i just think it's awesome and really makes you inspiring. You seem like such a beautiful soul, it must be a little tiring sometimes but trust me you are so amazing and you give such great advice!

There is so much loveliness all up in here tonight <333

dlanor-a-knoxknoxjokes: Purple :)


pink-rosyness: Do you have kik?

Nope >.< 

Anonymous: Purple

:o are you sure I don’t annoy you I’m pretty sure I get annoying at some stage!!

Anonymous: Did you use to be a self harm/ trigger blog? Now I know why I used to follow you! I have been clean for a year C:

I used to have a blog like that but I don’t think I ever posted that stuff on here >.< *throws confetti* congrats sweetie :) 

Anonymous: TO ALL PEOPLE WITH SCARS FROM SELF HARM- seriously don't worry if people ask you about your scars! It may be a bit embarrassing at first but you've got to recognize it as the past and it will always be a part of you so there's no reason stressing and trying to hide it. Most people highly respect that you can face it and of coarse there'll be insensitive people but you gotta stand up for yourself and what you went through ;D ROCK ON MY BROTHERS

^^^ :D